Chrysler South East Asia Pte Ltd

We have engaged Ecovis to provide outsourced accounting and report services since 2009. Being part of the world’s largest automatic group, our company has very high expectation on service quality and commitment in reporting. Ecovis proves to be a trust-worthy partner, who can always deliver their work accurately and in timely manner.

Over these years, we have not encountered any problem such as missing corporate reporting deadline. I would be very happy to recommend Ecovis services as it gives consistently high quality work and excellent service quality.

Jimmy Lim
Finance Manager (Singapore)

DBS Bank Ltd

Ecovis has been engaged by DBS since 21 March 2012 to perform specific accounting services.

Ecovis scope of services cover hundreds of accounts for the Bank each year. Ecovis had demonstrated commitment, professionalism and timeliness in completing their deliverables while consistently complying with the Bank’s strict service requirements and maintaining minimal turnover among the staff performing the service.

Chang Chee Siong
Executive Director (Singapore)

ChungHwa Telecom Singapore Pte Ltd

We engage Ecovis to handle our accounting, GST and corporate tax reporting since January 2013.

I was impressed by their dedication in supporting us and the tremendous effort taken in meeting the deadlines that were set.  They were also receptive to feedbacks and had also taken the initiative to provide services automatically when the situation deemed necessary.  During periods like closing of accounts for financial year end, they worked effectively and efficiently under pressure.

The team members are sociable, well organized, easy going has resulted in a warm working relationship with our staff.   We enjoyed working with Ecovis team and it is a pleasure that we recommend Ecovis services wholeheartedly.

Benjamin Liu
General Manager (Taiwan)

Singapore Productivity Association

We have engaged Ecovis to provide monthly outsourced accounting and reporting services since 2010.

Ecovis has provided us with committed and professional services during this period. Reports have been insightful and timely. The staff from Ecovis has always taken pains to explain the various reports as well as highlight potential areas for management focus. The later has been most useful and we are able to address potential issues before they become embedded problems.

Low Hock Meng
Executive Director (Singapore)

KVH Co., Ltd. (Now known as Colt Technology Services Pte Ltd)

Before engaging Ecovis, we have many inefficient processes and issues of internal control pointed out by the external auditor …..After outsourcing the accounting work to Ecovis team, we have seen many improvements …..

…Evaluating comprehensively your professional service, we are very satisfied with support of your team. You have enhanced both of operational efficiency and reporting quality in a timely manner. Now you are the indispensable business partner for KVH to expand and stabilize our business in Singapore.

I strongly believe you are exceeding your client’s expectations and hope you will continue to support us in the future.

Seiichi Tateishi
Controller/Accounting Director (Japan)

We have experience outstanding financial services with Ecovis Bizcorp Management Pte. Ltd., Singapore. From the very beginning of our business relationship, we enjoyed excellent expertise, extraordinary results and unique accuracy.

We would like to express our highest appreciation for your services, and thank you for this very successful and efficient cooperation.

Harald Dollinger
Head of Finance and HR (Germany)

Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd.

We are thankful for the payroll services provided. The team has understood our requirements and urgencies and has been quick and proactive in catering to our needs, and they have been highly understanding and accurate with high client orientation.

Simran Sethi
Chief Financial Officer (India)

Group of companies

We have been working with Ecovis for our group companies for accounting, tax, consolidation and financial reporting services for the past few years.

What have impressed me were that my group of companies’ necessary corporate administrative matters are very well looked after, accounting and tax filings has been very clearly addressed in the timely manner.

Another reason for my exceptional satisfaction is the way that matters are approached with his team’s flexibility and co-operative nature. Jason and his team were always there for any assistance as and when I needed them and this to myself, is a great help as I travel very extensively monthly and with a short notice phone call!

Group of companies

Marine Matters (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Yong Yuan Fah Shipping Pte Ltd

Platinum Shipinvest And Consultant Pte Ltd

Star Shipping And Chartering Pte Ltd


Michael Sim
Managing Director (Singapore)

Quandoo APAC

The staff at Ecovis always provides accurate work results and is always accessible. Their quick responses to our requests provide a swift resolution to our matters. They consistently show true professionalism and integrity in all of the work performed for us.

We are very satisfied and appreciative of Ecovis Bizcorp Management Pte. Ltd.


Sebastian Ruppenthal
HR Manager (Australia)

Amdex Pte Ltd

Our company has been working with Ecovis for over 8 years now and so far we have been most delighted by our corporation with them.   Ecovis has been always helpful and available to find tax and structural solutions for our company. All specialists at Ecovis have rendered a professional service without compromises. We found our concern and questions were always taken seriously and professionally dealt with. Also with respect to international business structures, Ecovis had proposed successful solutions to us.

We have in the past and will in the future recommend Ecovis services to our friends and partners who wish to open offices in Singapore…

Norbert Bruell
Managing Director (Germany)

Elevate Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We are extremely happy and impressed with the thoroughness and level of service we have received from Ecovis. The compliance department is prompt in their responses, and they make the extra effort to seek out additional information to ensure full compliance, and are always willing to help communicate with individuals locally when needed.

Their level of competence and communication helps our company feel greater trust that compliance issues are being attended to.

Richard Little
Director & CFO (USA)

Final SG Pte Ltd

We used to have backlog accounts for our group companies which were late for filing for 2-3 years. This was because our accounts were managed in US. The difficult part was the coordination work in different location.

We engaged Ecovis to assist us on the auditing, consolidation service and tax filing. Their staff were friendly and approachable and were able to provide extensive advices and support for us to make a decision. They helped us solve our backlog accounting issue. Now, I am happy to have my accounts and filing up-to-date.

Stan Mystkowski
Managing Director (USA)

Sing-Lloyd Pte Ltd

Before Ecovis, our accounts were not really in order although we have an in-house accountant. I always had problems in understanding the figures as they didn’t seem to be correct. It is also too costly for us to hire a full time account manager.

We selected Ecovis as they are serious about our business. We engage them as the fees they offered were very reasonable. It took them only about one to two months to catch up with the backlogs accounts and produce a correct set of accounts to us. We have more confident in the numbers now.

Lee-Lee, Yong
Operation Manager (Singapore)

Al Salam Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd

Our company has been working with Ecovis for accounting, GST and tax filing since October 2008. Since then, we have enjoyed consistently pleasant service from staff who possess great drive, diligence and professionalism. We have been very impressed by the staff’s dedication in supporting us and the tremendous effort taken to meet tight deadlines.

Tina Chua
Senior Office Manager (Singapore)

Sprig Labs Pte. Ltd

Despite the many challenges faced due to missing data, Ecovis managed to ensure that all required filings and administrative tasks were completed to the satisfaction of the relevant authority. They have helped Sprig Labs make an important step towards greater compliance.

Erik Jan de Boer
Managing Director

InfoCon Pte. Ltd.

Our work with the team at Ecovis Singapore enabled us to fast track our company operations in Singapore simply because they are responsive and detail-oriented to ensure minimal errors.

What we appreciated most about the team at Ecovis was their ability to follow through promptly, and I believe this will be the greatest benefit for business who wish to operate in Singapore.


T.S. Brown
Managing Director (Canada)

Manana Innovations Pte Limited.

Ecovis Bizcorp Management Pte. Ltd. has provided us with the strategic overview and effective working solutions to structure our group operations in Singapore. They are flexible in customizing their approach to ensure that it benefits us to the fullest extent.

We highly value our client relationship with Ecovis and their professionalism in presenting to us things that are necessary. We have been given excellent service, enabling us a fantastic start in Singapore.

Chandan Ghosh
Mentor & Chief Strategy Officer (India)

P.I. Works Inc.

I am extremely satisfied with the service level provided by Ecovis. They are prompt in their replies and furthermore they have provided resourceful advice on doing business in Singapore.

Previously, we were caught up with a dilemma in the aspects of structuring our company in Singapore, however, Ecovis consultants were very professional in coordinating and executing our plans.

Mr Ozan Aslan, CPA
Business Development & Finance Manager