All our services are competitively priced. We are transparent in our fees as much as possible. Below fees structure is only for reference.  It may vary according to each company’s requirements and work scopes. Please Contact Us for a fee quote.


Accounting service rates vary depending on the work requirements, transactions volume and complexity of work.

Yearly or quarterly accounting servicesFrom S$800
Monthly accounting service – low volume transactionFrom S$600 per month
Monthly accounting service – medium volume transactionFrom S$800 per month
Monthly accounting service – high volume transactionFrom S$1,000 per month
GST submissionFrom S$300 per quarter


The rate per employee is generally higher when the company has fewer employees because it covers CPF submissions, maintenance costs and administrative time costs.

(Salary and CPF computation, payslip and CPF submission & IR8A)
5 employeesFrom S$350
10 employeesFrom S$450
20 employeesFrom S$800
40 employeesFrom S$1,300
80 employeesFrom S$2,200


The fees might be slightly higher to cover coordination works where directors and shareholders are located in different countries.

IncorporationFrom S$800
Incorporation + Annual SecretarialFrom S$1,400
Incorporation + Annual Secretarial + Registered AddressFrom S$1,760
Annual Secretarial Services
(local individual and/or small company)
From S$600
Annual Secretarial Services
(foreign and/or corporate shareholder)
From S$800

Compilation Reports
and XBRL

We provide more favorable rates for compilation if we are also engaged for other services.

Small-sized companyFrom S$500
Medium-sized companyFrom S$800
Large-sized companyFrom S$1,000


Audit fees are quoted based on the size of your company, complexities of audit works and the amount of time spent on the audit.

Small-sized companyFrom S$3,000
Medium-sized companyFrom S$5,000
Large-sized companyFrom S$8,000


Tax agent service includes ECI, Form C and tax computation.

Small-size and simple operationFrom S$500
Medium-size and active operationFrom S$800
Large-size and more complicated operationFrom S$1,200
Personal tax returnFrom S$500
Expatriate tax returnFrom S$500
GST application ServiceFrom S$400


Nominee director service ($3,000 deposit required)From S$3,000 per year
Nominee shareholder serviceFrom S$1,200 per year
Use of registered addressFrom S$360 per year

Employment Pass / Visa /Other Services

Please contact us for a quote for ad hoc & non-standard services.

Employment passFrom S$1,200
Personalized professional passFrom S$1,200
Dependent PassFrom S$800
Application of import/export permitFrom S$200
Legalization servicesFrom S$1,000
GST registrationFrom S$500
Company strike offFrom S$800