HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Work?

Outsourcing payroll processing to a quality provider will allow clients to :

  1. Allow clients to focus on their core business activities, with ‘back office’ work handled by a team of dedicated professionals
  2. Generate savings from reduced internal HR / Payroll staff
  3. Minimise time spent and hassle from recruitment, training and retention of internal staff
  4. Meet payroll obligations to staff in a timely manner and removing the risk of lack of internal resources to process payroll due to resignation or urgent leave
  5. Ensure payroll information is protected by strict data protection and confidentiality protocols
  6. Be kept up to date with the latest statutory legislations and best practices
  7. Minimise possibility of internal financial fraud
  8. Avoid potential penalties on errors, omissions or late filings imposed by government authorities

We can assist you with the following:

Payroll Related Work

  • Maintaining the payroll file for each employee
  • Computation of net salary and contribution (both employer and employee) to Singapore Central Provident Fund (“CPF”)
  • Provision of pay advice/slip to each employee
  • Generate payroll reports on a monthly basis for management’s review
  • Preparation of year end IR8A and IR8S (hardcopy) and Notice to File Employment Income of Employees Electronically (electronic copy)
  • Being the preparer of our clients’ payroll bank account to assist in making payments to employees and government authorities
  • Advisory on Compliance Requirement on employment, payroll and CPF matters
  • Process increments and bonuses
  • Prepare IR21 for foreigners leaving the country

HR Administration

  • Registration with CPF Board
  • Employee insurance administration
  • Handling of adhoc childcare claim, NS claim and maternity leave claim
  • Application of Employment Pass, Dependent Pass and Long-Term Social Visit Pass
  • Employee personal tax service (including expatriate tax computation and submission)
  • E-leave – Employees can apply for leave on multiple non-consecutive days in one application as well as having a calendar view of colleague’s leave schedule
  • E-claim – Configure different claim forms for different types of claims
  • E-appraisal – Configurable appraisal forms based on your company’s requirements

At Ecovis Bizcorp, we offer comprehensive payroll and HR administrative services to suit the needs of your company.

Our dedicated HR & Payroll Department assists clients range from small to very large enterprises all of which expect high quality and professional services from us. We deliver accurate, timely payroll services leaving clients free from the hassle of dealing with payroll matters and giving them a peace of mind in running their business.

How has Ecovis Bizcorp helped our Clients?

Case Study 1: Cost effective and avoid payroll errors

Our client is a medical service provider. Prior to outsourcing, our client employed an internal HR staff to process its payroll manually. Mistakes in the payroll calculation for part timers were made by the internal HR staff due to lack of knowledge in updated statutory legislations. After outsourcing, our client no longer needs to worry whether payroll had been processed accurately or HR personnel going on leave or resign without anyone internally to process the payroll. This also translates into cost saving for our client.

Case Study 2: Implementing e-payroll, e-leave and e-claim

We were engaged by a research and knowledge provider to provide payroll services and implement e-payroll, e-leave and e-claim. Employees can make use of these e-platforms anytime and anywhere. Supporting documents can be easily attached without filing up and submitting manual forms. This is paperless, convenient, fast and easy.

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