Account Resourcing

A key factor that differentiates us is our commitment to deliver quality service in a timely manner at competitive rate.

Whether it is a routine accounting work or an urgent accounting assignment, simple data entries or complex accounting issues, the need of clearing up accounting mess or providing high level advice on accounts restructuring, you can count on our Ecovis team to deal with these hassles.  See our clients’ testimonial for their experience working with Ecovis.


International firm at local rates

Ecovis – combination of the terms Economy and Vision. We differentiate ourselves from other global firms by providing competitive rates at high standard of quality.

Friendly and approachable team

We emphaize on clients’ experiences and we are commited to improving our service quality by listening, communicating and training.

Professional advice, timely delivery & confidentiality

You get professional advice with absolute confidentiality and timely delivery.  You will be assigned a qualified accountant to take care of your accounts, a manager or a director in case you need a higher level support.

Flexible and efficient work process

Call us anytime to set up a meeting. We work with great flexibility and efficiency to give you a hassle-free experience.

How We Work As Your Outsourced Accountant

Every client’s needs are different.

We start by understanding your needs to customize our services

Instead of providing you “Standard” work, our consultants will discuss with you to have a full understanding of your requirements. This is to ensure you achieve what you want and we will provide you with the best quote according to your needs

Dedicated Accountant & Backed Up Arrangement

Once the outsourcing engagement is confirmed, we will assign a dedicated and experienced accountant.  We will have one more accountant and a manager to back you up in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Customized bookkeeping work

We customize bookkeeping services that are tailored specifically to the needs of an individual client.  We work on flat fees to keep you on a budget and we get the job done.

Annual Review and Feedback

We value our clients’ feedback and will conduct an annual review to collect constructive recommendation on how to improve our service quality.  We hope every client become our happy client.

Routine Outsourced Accounting

Our work goes beyond the routine if necessary, for instance customizing the management report format according to your needs.

This is especially meaningful to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) because we share with the implications of their financial numbers, highlight variances and alert the client to any compliance issues such as goods & services tax (GST) and withholding tax.
Such value addedness is possible because of our strong backing from our audit practice and international experience, where our staff undergo multi-disciplinary training on an on-going basis.

Our Routine Accounting Works Include:

  1. Suggest proper accounting & filing system,
  2. Set up chart of accounts
  3. Data transaction processing
  4. Perform accounting-related administrative services in:
    • Sales & Receipt Cycle (sales invoicing, reminders and collection)
    • Payment Cycle (provision of signatories, trade payables process)
  5. Provide necessary financial reports including:
    • Management accounts
    • Departmental report
    • Variance report
    • Monthly comparison of performance
    • Highlights on key performance indicators
    • Prepare cash flow projections
  6. Administer GST compliance
  7. Administer corporate & personal tax compliance
  8. Compile proprietor’s accounts
  9. Set up accounting policies and procedures
Routine Accounting
Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Urgent Accounting Engagement

Very often, company’s accounts become a mess due to incompetent staff, resignation or loss of accounting documents. This results in late filing penalty and more serious results may include court summons, IRAS investigation, loss of financial data resulting in loss of rights to claim from debtors.

We are able to attend to urgent assignments that require a quick turnaround at short notice.  Urgent accounts for court order, late filing, acquisition, litigation or other special purpose, backlog or messy accounts that need to be cleaned up in a very short time. We take this challenge. Speed is of the essence.  A lot of accountants hate to do this.  We do it!

SMEs Accounting Services

Your Financial Controller

SMEs are often short on resources when difficulty strikes.  Companies turn to us for outsourcing of a financial expert on special projects because we can act like their own finance controllers who guide and manage their finance and accounting function and advise management on internal controls and financial planning process.  We get involved in various roles depending on the situation.

We deploy only the senior and experienced staffs to these assignments as they demand a high level of technical, interpersonal and problem solving skills.